Dosage FormSolution for injection
Strength6.75 mg, 37.5 mg, 75 mg
Strength per Unit6.75 mg/0.9 ml, 37.5 mg/5 ml, 75 mg/10 ml
ATC Code G02CX01
Drug ClassOther Gynecologicals
IndicationAtosiban EVER Pharma is indicated to delay imminent pre-term birth in pregnant adult women with:
– regular uterine contractions of at least 30 seconds duration at a rate of ≥ 4 per 30 minutes
– a cervical dilation of 1 to 3 cm (0-3 for nulliparas) and effacement of ≥ 50%
– a gestational age from 24 until 33 completed weeks
– a normal foetal heart rate

Atosiban EVER Pharma is a prescription medication. Information for healthcare professionals only.
See the Summary of Product Characteristics for full information about the medication.