Innovation as a driver for our future development

Innovation is an essential element of our working culture. Creating value for our customers and discovering new therapies and medical applications – our development and growth are a function of our ability to innovate.

The EVER Group attaches particular importance to research and development. Through our in-house R&D expertise, we bring specialized therapeutic solutions to market that support healthcare systems around the world.


Cerebrolysin® is an original biotechnologically prepared peptide that stimulates neurotrophic regulation in the central nervous system.

Cerebrolysin® is used in over 50 countries worldwide for treatment of ischemic and haemorrhagic stroke, traumatic brain injuries, different forms of dementia (vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s disease), cognitive disorders and for the prevention of cognitive decline after brain injuries.

Patients with either acute or degenerative neurological diseases benefit from the neuro-protective and neuro-regenerative properties of Cerebrolysin®.

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Dacepton® & Medical Devices

EVER Pharma delivers a complete package with its Parkinson´s disease portfolio, from medication to means of administration with innovative Medical Devices.

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  • Our reusable D-mine® Pen provides intermittent bolus injections in Parkinson’s Disease. The spring driven delivery-system enables low and constant injection force for Parkinson’s patients with motoric impairment. Possible dose correction and last dose stop guarantee safe comfort.
  • Our D-mine® Pump is an intuitive easy to use mg-based volumetric infusion pump system specifically developed for patients with Parkinson´s Disease. Automatic filling ensures safe medication handling and with up to 5 different rates programmable in a few simple steps user training times are reduced.  The D-mine® Pump supports greater self-reliance and mobility for our Parkinson´s patients.

Value-added Products

A considerable part of our work is invested in the provision of value-add and cost-effective injectable products that address unmet needs of physicians, pharmacists, and patients.

Whether in formulating our drugs as ready to use liquids as opposed powder, developing products for room temperature storage to avoid cold chain requirements, offering suitable dosage forms to avoid wastage or placing our products in special packaging improve transportation safety, our value-added approach aims to enhance the efficiency and safety of the drug handling and preparation.

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