EVER Valinject Launches Dexmedetomidine in Europe: EVER Valinject is pleased to announce the launch of the only dexmedetomidine product in Europe indicated for both Adult Procedural Sedation1 and Sedation of Adult ICU Patients2,3.

The EVER product is the first and only available dexmedetomide in Europe at this time indicated for use in Procedural Sedation and demonstrates our focus on developing cost effective speciality injectables to meet the needs of physicians, pharmacists and patients.

Use of Dexmedetomidine, an injectable anesthetic, is growing widely with the European market currently estimated to be worth more than €55m. The EVER product was developed by our highly experienced R&D team in Unterach and is manufactured by EVER in Jena, Germany. It is available in both ampoules and vials.

“Dexmedetomidine is used widely outside of Europe for Procedural Sedation and we believe there is an unmet need in Europe to use dexmedetomidine in this indication. The EVER product fills this need as well as being indicated for ICU sedation in the major European markets. For the hospital pharmacist, this is a cost effective generic alternative to the innovator with real value-add for the anesthetist” said Georges Kahwati, General Manager of Ever Pharma.

The EVER product is registered across Europe and roll out has already begun in the major markets.

1 Sedation of non-intubated adult patients prior to and /or during diagnostic or surgical procedures requiring sedation (i.e.) procedural/awake sedation.

2 Use of the product in the Adult ICU setting is limited to certain EU countries only at this time: Germany, Austria, UK, Poland, Netherlands. Please refer to individual country SmPC.

3 Sedation of adult ICU patients requiring sedation level not deeper than arousal in response to verbal stimulation (corresponding to Richmond Agitation Scale (RASS) 0 to -3)