Although the Paracelsus Medical Private University (PMU) in Salzburg and EVER Pharma are 40 kilometres apart, their relationship has just moved much closer as EVER Pharma sponsors a new auditorium at the university mainly dedicated to pharmacy. The “EVER Pharma Auditorium“ in house D, the latest addition to the PMU, was officially opened on September 10, 2020 by Dr. Friedrich Hillebrand from EVER Pharma and Prof. Wolfgang Sperl together with the Emeritus Prof. Herbert Resch and Pharmaceutical Director Prof. Johanna Pachmay from the PMU

The research department of EVER Pharma and the Institute of Pharmacy at PMU have already carried out several joint research projects in the field of product innovation and improvement and the “EVER Pharma Auditorium“ is the latest step in extending their existing cooperation.

“As an innovative and future-oriented company and in accordance with our motto, Dedicated to Health, the promotion of first-class research and training is particularly important to us,” explained Dr. Friedrich Hillebrand, co-owner of the EVER Group.

This is the main motivation behind strengthening the cooperation and he went on to say, “The PMU stands for excellent research, education and training at the highest level and our proven cooperation is constantly being deepened and expanded.”

Under the cooperation, EVER Pharma also provides the opportunity for students of the Paracelsus University Pharmacy Program, which started in 2017, to complete their industrial internships at EVER Pharma or experience a pharmaceutical company with global operations during field visits to EVERs facilities.