Dosage FormConcentrate for solution for infusion
Strength100 µg/ml
Strength per Unit200 µg/2 ml, 400 µg/4 ml, 1000 µg/10 ml
ATC Code N05CM18
Drug ClassPsycholeptics, other hypnotics and sedatives
IndicationFor sedation of adult ICU (Intensive Care Unit) patients requiring sedation level not deeper
than arousal in response to verbal stimulation (corresponding to Richmond Agitation-Sedation
Scale (RASS) 0 to -3).
For sedation of non-intubated adult patients prior to and/or during diagnostic or surgical
procedures requiring sedation, i.e. procedural/awake sedation.

Dexmedetomidine EVER Pharma is a prescription medication. Information for healthcare professionals only.
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