EVER PHARMA is pleased to announce the first Fulvestrant in Europe approved for storage at room temperature

Fulvestrant EVER Pharma is the first and only available Fulvestrant in Europe at this time that can be stored at room temperature.

The launch1 of Fulvestrant EVER Pharma follows the recent launch of Dexmedetomidine EVER Pharma, which was the first available Dexmedetomidine in Europe indicated for both procedural and ICU sedation.

Use of Fulvestrant, an injectable antiestrogen used in the treatment of breast cancer, is growing widely with the Global market estimated currently to be worth over €800m.

“Our focus was to develop a product that can be conveniently stored and transported at room temperature by the wholesaler, pharmacist, clinician as well as the patient. This saves on fridge storage space and the need for cooling bags” said Georges Kahwati, General Manager of EVER Pharma.

This innovation aligns perfectly with the EVER Pharma mission to provide value-add and cost effective injectable products that address the unmet needs of physicians, pharmacists and patients.

Fulvestrant EVER Pharma was developed in EVER Unterach by its highly experienced R&D team and is manufactured by EVER in Jena, Germany.

Fulvestrant EVER Pharma is registered across Europe and roll out has already begun in selected major markets1. It is available in both double and single packs.

1. subject to country specific patents